🎥 MEMORIES OF MURDER (2003) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

In a small Korean province in 1986, three detectives struggle with the case of multiple young women being found raped and murdered by an unknown culprit.
Cast: Kang-ho Song, Sang-kyung Kim, Roe-ha Kim #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie


  1. Does anyone know where to buy this video? I only see it on Ebay for like $40, and you can't get it on Amazon Prime any more!!!! WTF

  2. This film reminds me of a mix of David Fincher's Se7en (1995) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure (1997). Both Masterpieces released in the 1990s.

  3. Deleted Ending
    (accrdng to wikipedia)
    In a deleted scene happening right after the conclusion of the story, the Japanese man is seen sitting in a bench on the roadside. He spots a family on the other side of the road and invites a child to him by offering her candies, but the mom picks up the kid before she manages to reach the stranger. A car driven by Il-gwang arrives and picks up the Japanese man before leaving. In the center of the road, Moo-myeong witness the car fading away in the horizon.

  4. Inna pidicho. 🍭🍭 KANDU ISTAPETTA LIKE. 😍
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    I saw the devil
    Old boy
    The chaser
    A tale of two sisters
    Memmories of murder
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    Symphathy of mr vengence
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  5. Yay the SK police got the fucking cunt in fall 2019!
    Comment contains some spoilers!

    Just saw the movie and I was so frustrated with the ending, desperately trying to figure out which one of his suspects was actually the killer. Got very impatient, googled and I was incredibly happy to see that they caught the bastard irl – though many years later. It was pretty interesting as in the beginning of the movie one of the police officers drew up a list of suspects which he later abandoned. But he was kind of on the right track. It's fascinating because right in the beginning the serial killer was in the police station with his brother (ofc no one knew at that time including the film-maker but nonetheless it was interesting to see reality and the narrative of the movie overlap like that). That's how the serial killer got caught irl in 2019 but damn I really wanted to know the reason behind the peaches in the movie. I wonder if the real-life counterpart did that with his victims as well. I figured that the serial killer is just a psychopath and he truly is in irl.
    Also thank god they didn't kill that dude in the movie. I really wanted him killed and I felt infuriated when he got off scot free. Also I really thought the police officer's wife was gonna die with her constant red outfits on rainy days -__ – but I got duped. It had to be that poor kid he befriended. Should have guessed but I was also happy that the movie strayed off from being so obvious.

  6. The scary thing is that my dad used to live at that place at the time. He said he saw policemen or some people taking something out pf his neighbor's field. Thinking back to it, he said he realized it looked like a corpse. The murderer only killed women, but it could have been my dad.
    Anyways, good thing the murderer's caught now.

  7. I am from India and I always thought Hollywood movies are always best and meaningful movies but may be from last 7-8 years or probably a decade hollywood is producing shitty movies specially this avenger kind of childish movies. So now I have gained my faith South korean movies after watching Parasite , Memories of murder and Forgotten I want to watch more south korean movies

  8. Trailer is shit. It doesn't do justice to the movie. This is one of the best movies i've ever seen on serial killers. Only the "zodiac" is better than this.

  9. Reflection/ Reaction:
    After I watched this I want to be detective ( choos I'm just joking) . This movie is from the director of Parasite I admired him one of the best director I think. Reminds me of the korean drama from OCN NETWORK ( some of the scene are women are raped and the stockings similar to the tunnel scene ) . I been searching and read article from this inspired movie of real life murder im so interested .
    1. It happen in 1986 at this moment this cased is unresolved and lacked of facilities in terms of investigation so its hard to find who is the killer I read the article and watch from you tube almost thousand of people they suspecting .
    2. This movie is from 2003 it means they didnt know who is the killer yet?
    2. I feel pity for those people who will suspecting the detective they innocent and they make lies to cope up the serial killer. And the job of being detective is it worth it at this time?
    3. After 34 years the serial killer got arrested ( according to arirang news in 2019).
    4. I like the ending they show us that everyone or all of us can be a killer or culprit they look ordinary , maybe he/ she will belong to us or in front of us.

  10. This is a masterpiece of a movie which is of Hitchcockian calibre.
    3 cops ,one intelligent,one a bully and one a nitwit.They probably represent a regular police force in any given country.
    An illusive killer.
    Too many suspects.
    Too many clues.
    Cruel injustice.
    Lack of knowledge on psychological profiling.
    Blunders due to Overconfidence.
    Great Sang Kan Ho.
    Above all a genius director.

  11. I'm here after watching two great South Korean movie, Oldboy and Parasite

    If I have to pick I like parasite more because of the tonal shift it had. The sitcom type in the beginning was great and the feeling of knowing shit about to go down, its always putting myself on the edge of the seat

    I'm not sure if I want to watch memories of murder though because while Oldboy was great, the dark tone fucked me up for days the first time I watched it

  12. "Memories of Murder" was one of the most controversial movies that was released in South Korea back in 2003. It is because of course, the victim's families in a small town of Hwasung. And not only the remaining family members but also because all of those neighbors in that area were still having painful and fearful memories after encountering 10 unsolved murder cases from 1986 to 1991. They were very against the fact that the director Bong was making a film based on this horrific true event. During the investigation, more than 2 million police officers were involved and they had more than 20,000 people listed as suspects at the time. Thanks to the highly developed DNA matching technique in South Korea, they were able to find the actual murderer in Oct 2019 and had him confess all of his crimes including several more unsolved rape & murders cases.

  13. It takes an Oscar for people to recognise this guy's talent? That's a joke. Hollywood has been dull for the last decade.

  14. in this trailer it says still unresolved… im happy i watched the movie first…i really did think they were going to find him or maybe the cop would kill their suspect and that was the murder…sad story (with funny bits)

  15. On 18 September 2019, police announced that a man in his 50s had been identified as a suspect in the serial murders. He was identified after DNA from the underwear of one of the victims was matched with his, but he can't be prosecuted because the statute of limitations has expired. As of 2019, the suspect is in prison for a "similar crime."

  16. Guys this movie is a Remake of Confession Of Murder which was made in 2007

    Watch the original one it's much better

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