Against the Ice | Official Trailer | Netflix

Against the Ice is a true story of friendship, love and the awe-inspiring power of companionship as two men succeed in finding proof Greenland is one island but not before battling extreme conditions in their fight for survival.

Watch Against the Ice, only on Netflix March 2:


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Against the Ice | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Got into this with no trailer at all and i got to say i loved it! Amazing and at the end credits are some real photos too which i found breathtaking!

  2. SPOILER :
    Here I was saving this brilliant film to watch on a weekend 💖😍💖…8 minutes in I see the dogs..and I get this most suspicious feeling😔🙈.I pause the film to research and low and behold I find out "dogs die" in the movie !! 😔😔 Now give me horror, give me gore and carnage OK yes I love it 💖💖 But I can't deal with animal deaths sorry..I'm just wierd like that.Take Care All 💜🌈🍨💛💝🌹💚✨🥂❤💫💗💕🖤💙🌺

  3. Not sure what is worse, that (amazing story), or living let alone dying in a packed in area surrounded by other suburbs, townhomes, apartments, or condos. Barf

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