Upcoming Superhero Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 – SPIDER-MAN No Way Home (2021)
2:47 – ETERNALS (2021)
5:35 – SHAZAM 2 (2022) Teaser
5:51 – SHANG CHI (2021)
6:45 – MARVEL’S WHAT IF (2021)
8:56 – MORBIUS (2022)
11:05 – THE BATMAN (2022) Catwoman Trailer

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  1. Not gonna lie to you…

    But in that trailer, half the people wouldn't care about Spiderman, they'd be more worried about events like Thanos or something else big.
    Of course Spiderman would be on the news…
    but…not all the time.
    And the police have better things to do honestly.
    To catch real criminals who are doing criminal things.
    Messed up realistic writing honestly lol

  2. Wow the whole concept behind this new Spider Man seems pretty dumb…I get that he wants the world to forget his alter ego but they have him mess up the spell because people he wants to know would forget too. He’s supposed to be really smart but he doesn’t understand the concept of just telling the people he wants to know…especially since he already knows how they’ll react. It’s just bad

  3. what is this desperate need to for CLICK BAIT why go out of your way to create a thumbnail of a movie that people click on to see and it turns out to be just smoke and mirrors so for that IM OUT

  4. why her for cat woman please pick talent over people with famous mummy and daddy it can ruin a film give a unknown a chance their ruining movies with this

  5. So, you're seriously thinking it's a great idea to use a still from the 2nd season episode: The Drowned Giant from "Love, Death, and Robots"? I suggest you re-upload with a different thumbnail.

  6. There's certainly a lack of understanding to other marvel movies I'm gonna skip other marvel movies except spiderman Thor hulk captain America and iron man there should be a game with information to explain this must be offline and marvel is not doing for android

  7. Jesus Christ, my precious lord and savior is the true hero, he deserves all the praise and worship, not these fake marvel demonic idols, And no """"MARVEL""""; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

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