Decoupled | Official Trailer | R Madhavan, Surveen Chawla | A Netflix Series

Shruti: Who is interested in listening to a separating couple talking about marriage?
Us: 👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽

Decoupled is a story of a separating couple navigating through the crazy journey that is marriage. Watch R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla bring to you the most heard yet unheard story yet.

Decoupled, a Netflix Series, releases on December 17, only on Netflix!

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  1. I recently watched this gem of a show. I really appreciate on how Surveen and R madhvan blend into each other in the series. This is such a refreshing concept on comedy just made me “actually” laugh for a change. Good job Netflix india💎

  2. Disgusting show. Gross body shaming, boomer humour, sexism and ignorance all around. Shocking that netflix picks up this kind of garbage. Super disappointed to see an entire crew and cast put up with some scenes that were so rubbish and offensive, it was legitimately painful to watch. Air hostesses are dumb high end escorts? Women with big hips are "not hot",,, what year are these boomers living in? Do they even know what is hot? There is an actual scene where they zoom between the skinny lead actress with no ass and the other big hipped character trying to show that the one with no ass is somehow "hotter". This show was probably made and directed by a bunch of 90 year old men with zero awareness of the world around them right now. Straight men saying big hips are not hot is some small D energy for real and unbelievable that this entire comment section is full of people praising this regressive tripe. Do better. Also, the actor is 50+ years old and the woman who plays his wife is in her 30s and they are trying to pass them off as the same age. All the women paired with him are half his age, and his unhot dad body shabby looking character has the audacity to shame them for body hair and big hips when he has the shape of a middle aged ape who never stepped inside a gym in his life. Ironic. Low intellect script for a low intellect audience.

  3. Surveen and R madhvan as usual has been amazing… The director already has raised the bar if it's second season

  4. Cinematography is very disturbing man. Keeps on zooming in and out and moving here and there. It disturbs so much from watching. 👎🏻

  5. Are yar ye full to English hai… Then you could have any Hollywood actors right….. it's so dumb to see bollywood actors in a bollywood series speaking english…… Be true to your language makers of the series😮🤯

  6. Superbbb Superbbb Show, a real Masterpiece👏👏👏👏👏
    Ahead of its time and Superb Comedy with Great Life Lessons👍👍👍

  7. Why the fu¢k no one's talking about this amazing show! Finished all the episodes in just one day, today.. And God, I loved it..

  8. Great series! A deviation from the suspense and gore that has recently flooded the OTT space. Manu’s wit weds Hardik’s direction, and we get an ultra comic series. Although the masses will be divided on this one, we absolutely love it. We have also reviewed Decoupled on our channel!

  9. Why is Indian series turning into English series. Where’s originality if they don’t speak in Hindi.

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