About to go to sleep and saw trailers dropping from ComicCon so it begins with Dungeons & Dragons! Let me know what you guys think. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you are ENTERTAINED!!!

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  1. You were right on the nose with the owlbear. In old D&D lore, the owlbears are basically a wizard's experiment gone awry with a bear and owl, and they just got out of control.

  2. Hype! You asked if this was based on an actual campaign. As far as we know no. But it is set it one of the most Iconic settings. Like CRs Exandria. This will be set it The Forgotten Realms, on the Continent of Faefun. Specifically the Sword Coast and that major city is either Waterdeep or Neverwinter maybe. There some debate online. We do see Icewind Dale another iconic location and possible Ten Towns.. to sound like a broken record. Iconic. Iconic. Iconic.

  3. There's a LOT of old school D&D nostalgia in this trailer… the owlbear, the mimic(the "treasure chest" that was actually a monster), the displacer beast and gelatinous cube… it's set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, one of the oldest and most popular settings in the franchise, going back to the TSR days(the company that created and owned D&D, before Wizards of the Coast bought it, and WotC is owned by Hasbro, hence that tie-in). The world is called Toril, the continent is Faerun, and this particular area is known as The Sword Coast. The city looks like either Neverwinter(based on the castle) or Waterdeep(based on the coliseum), or it could possibly be showing pieces of both cities. The dragon towards the beginning is spewing acid(in D&D, dragons have different breath weapons depending on their color, red being fire, black is acid, and blue is lightning, and so on). In a couple shots, Chris Pine's character appears to be wearing a pin with the emblem of the Harpers on it(the Harpers are a semi-secret organization of spies and adventurers who protect the world from evil threats)… yeah, there's a LOT to take in here… 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Definitely got excited seeing the owlbear (and also the mimic chest and the gelatinous cube)! This actually looks pretty fun, and Chris Pine playing a bard and Sophia Lillis as a druid shapeshifter…looks like a good time! 😀

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