First Trailer For Dungeons And Dragons Honor Among Thieves

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  1. Hearing contemporary speech patterns and expressions in a fantasy movie is like seeing a turd in a punch bowl. It just doesn’t belong there.

  2. I'm not a D&D fan (although I did watch the cartoons) but this looks kinda interesting. It's got a LotRs meets Guardians feel to it.

  3. Since Dungeons and Dragons is so old, some things have been changed or become such important additions that the older concepts have long been forgotten. Other things have never really had a reason to get into the spotlight much.

  4. Live adaptation of Drizzt.. nope.

    Bullshit steaming pile of cgi social justice bs… mmmm check please!!

  5. I know the lefty idiot Hollyweidos don't like her but they should have had Gina Carano play the female Barbarian.

  6. This looks good, my only critique, in all my years as a DM, EVERY party had mixed and unique races. It sucks they are all the most humanoid races. I have never once seen that. :p

  7. I love almost EVERYTHING about this trailer, but why Pratt? He is terrible in everything he is in, and his role could easily have been filled by far more competent actors.

  8. 'so you make plans that fail'. love it. Also, we really needed a female barbarian. They're out there right? It's not just clones of Ah-nold.

  9. As someone who is basically addicted to DnD, I will very much enjoy watching this when it comes out

  10. hmm. As much as this looks promising. I would love to see the animated be brought to life. We deserve to see the ending and not script to the animated.

  11. This has the true feel of someone who has played d&d. Those other d&d movies feel alittle too nice and sweet for the reality of the game

  12. It won't be a real dnd movie unless characters aren't there for a couple scenes bc they have doctor appointment and miss a game.

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