Fake Famous (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

An unreal social experiment.
Fake Famous, the true story of a social experiment that reveals what’s really happening behind-the-scenes of influencer fame, premieres February 2 at 9PM on HBO Max. #HBO #HBODocs #FakeFamous
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Fake Famous (2021): Official Trailer | HBO


  1. Watched it. Great reveals. It pulls back the curtain on "instant fame". The real reveal is getting a bit of insight on the programmers and coders who find opportunities to get paid for "friend farms" and "comment farms". And the fact that the social channels turn a blind eye as it artificially inflates their user base for their investors. The 3 test subjects were interesting, but the female subject was a real pro. Despite realizing the artificial nature of her industry, she saw this documentary through where the two abandoned the experiment. I hope she is given good opportunities as a result.

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