1. The Blonde really pissed me off in this trailer I’m going to watch this movie however I can spend whatever I need too, just for the hope she dies in this movie cause her stupidity irritated me beyond worry of the terrifying height

  2. I just watched the movie today. I've seen alot of films lol. Pretty much every horror movie. This was a decent thriller. Not as good is Frozen thriller. In my opinion due to how they connect you too the story. In this movie you sorta get a little close to the characters, but the fact there adrenaline junkies. It just takes away from the suspense and fear. 🤣😅😅. However at the end the plot twist made me enjoy it more. My rating 1 out of 10. I'd give it a 8.

  3. Honestly it’s just kind of goofy, could easily get down with some work and good thoughts. BOTH OF THEM TIE THEMSELVES TOGETHER ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE POLE AND PULL A MULAN GOING DOWN, tire yourself off For rest breaks, and keep giving more slack as the pole gets thicker. I wouldn’t be stuck up there lmao

  4. It is the worst movie I have ever seen, the plot, the acting and the climbing, surely they could have hired a pro climber for advice. Don't bother watching it.

  5. I saw this thing last night – had me WEAK! But then I kept thinking, "why didn't they use their drone to fly down their phone to catch a signal?" chillld please…sometimes it be like that though…still, a good movie.

  6. HollyWEIRD producer: Oke i have an IDEA its going to be GREAT… TWO WOMEN, ONE POLE!!!
    Me: Strippers!?
    HollyWEIRD producer: Well you went too far didnt you?
    Me: Im sorry, i think old school…
    HollyWEIRD producer: The movie name is fall
    Me: Dont fall for strippers?
    HollyWEIRD producer: "self face slap"

  7. the plot twist was really sad hunter was dead from getting the bag and becky just thinks that hunter was still alive but dead along but becky survive and hunter didnt and hunter just got eaten by the birdie thing idk and u know hunter's last shoe was placed in her belly and inside the shoe has a becky's phone and that's how becky survive.
    edit: spoilers alert
    edit 2: ty for the likes
    edit 3: isnt scary right?

  8. Dad, actually I'm not here, I had died on the tower before the help arrived and you just can't accept this reality… The reality that you lost me , but you still imagine that you found me there and hugged me , this is all lie, but the only truth is "I love you"

  9. Spoiler Alert ⚠️ 📢 Spoiler Alert ⚠️ 📢 I figured once the latter broke and they saw that there was no other way down. The only option is one of yall would have to sacrifice yourself to save the other so the body could be found with the message. No where at all that it dawned on me she was already dead. I did notice how she was falling that there was no way she could have caught that bag, but they did good

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