1. Welcome to flight Simulator where its 99% pay to win and 1% luck. We will make sure your fuel runs out so fast you wont even see it, Why? Because its a pay to win game, even tho the game is free we want to make sure you buy every pass. If you even get close to winning we will make sure there is some invisible wall or game bug that will make you crash. We will keep poping gamepasses in your face until you buy one because we dont want you coming back. Make sure to tell your friends about this and we hope you have a terrible time at flight Simulator. Signed flight Simulator Developers

  2. The runway is EXTREMELY short, even a Cessna 150 can't land there, the plane runs out of fuel way too quickly and if you perform a hard landing the plane goes crazy and flips over. I get bombarded with ads every 3 min , when the plane runs out of fuel it falls straight down instead of hovering for some time just like in those unity powered mobile flight sims, The weather and the map look completely different from the trailer, the world map is COMPLETELY messed up, Frankfurt is right next to Helsinki, there is no sea between Finland and the Baltics, Italy is in Kasahstan, you can't see anything in the sand storm, I was trying to find the runway for so long that my plane ran out of fuel, I'm playing on a 2020 macbook pro and it barely runs the game, lags like hell! I was staying right next to the router and that still didn't help… Better go spend a bit money on FSX on steam or incase you are on budget go try Pilot Training Flight Simulator or Acceleration Flight simulator, The only good thing about this flight sim is that the plane actually crashes if you fly into a building or slam into the ground but otherwise just.. Don't waste your time. @REEL if you are reading this, please fix some of those issues, reduce the amount of ads and fix the glitch where the plane flips. If the game wouldn't have these issues I'm sure the game would make it to the popular list on roblox. Oh right, and the distances between the countries are WAY too long, it takes about 25 min to get from Brazil to Africa.


  3. This is a awesome game I wasted 10 hours of my day trying to get the 747 I got it just today rip me my eyes HURT SO BAD.

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