Gehraiyaan Title Track – Official Video | Deepika Padukone, Siddhant, Ananya, Dhairya | OAFF, Savera

Love is rarely easy. Love is rarely simple. And sometimes, love is not just about the meeting of hearts, but is also about the breaking of hearts. Starring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa, “Gehraiyaan Title Track” is composed by OAFF and Savera. The track is written by Ankur Tewari and sung by Lothika.

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Composer/Producer: OAFF, Savera
Original English version: ‘Frontline’ by OAFF featuring Lothika
Singer: Lothika
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari
Music Supervisor: Ankur Tewari
Mix and Master Engineer: Prathamesh Dudhane
Studio: Bombay Live Studios
Recording Engineer: Krina Shah
Assistant Engineer: Ganesh Nabaria
Backing vocals: OAFF and Savera
Strings: Yoed Nir
Strings Recorded at Yoed Nir Studios

Tu marz hai dawa bhi
Par aadat hai humein
Roka hai khud ko lekin
Hum reh na sake

Teri lehron mein aa kar
Aise hum bahe
Le doobi ja rahin hain
Gehraiyaan humein


Tu lau bhi hai hawa bhi
Kuch jale hum kuch bahe
Tujhe mein samaaye aise
Dhuaan dhuaan huye
Lehron ki zidd hai aisi
Lehron mein bahe
Le doobi ja rahi hain
Gehraiyaan humein


Le jaayein humein
Yeh lehrein humein
Hum aise bahe
Hum reh na sake


World Premiere – February 11, 2022 only on Amazon Prime Video

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd (C) 2022

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  1. I feel after seeing this movie i lost the idea of eternal love. Becoz life situations rules love….loved the movie …tells the reality ♥️

  2. Idk if it is only me or if someone feels like…When ur depressed or feeling lonely..or like ur getting everything in life but still not satisfied or happy bec of few incidents which happened or still continues to happen bec of ur past n u still regret it over n over again thinking that why did I get such a fate🙂
    We all try our best to fix something ryt..but some things still remain unfixed
    We all wish if it really got fixed so will have that old normal life where it was peaceful
    But looking from the other person s side…it will be the fear which will be still holding on to a second chance is something which some people would feel really hard to give

    But I truly believe that if the problem isn’t soo harsh or cruel means..why not give them a second chance?

    I mean many of us still feel so hard to give second chances for a very small issues…when I mean the very small issues I mean that ur friends couldn’t make up to certain occasions or get together due to their busy schedule or teenagers getting caught for being in a relationship n not trusting them much again or never trusting them…

    I mean it’s not like the person will stay the same..they will change right…just give them a chance n try to accept for who they r

    If all puts down their efforts to one line for being a better person then world would be a much better place

  3. Love this song and the movie ……feel your life happy again restart ………All of us who went through this or going through this movie will help you to heal with good solution ………hat off to deepika from heart her acting is awesome get the feeling that you are in GOA beach lying listening to waves and looking at the sky 🙂 cheers guys keep it up the good work ……..All the best

  4. My boyfriend went to Kasuli last year, and left me forever because of an accident there. He sing a song on my birthday, where he hugged me for the first time. I cried that time in his arms and now whenever I listen to this song, I feel his warmth around me. I still remember when he started crying while singing the song. People leave but memories don't❤️
    This song remind me about him ♥️

    I miss you Veenu 💕♥️

  5. 2 kaudi ke controversial Bollywood – Porniwood porn actors, thanks for destroying our Cultural , social, ethical and moral values of your third class business.

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