GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

In GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE, two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson (Love, Actually) embodies the candor and apprehension of retired teacher Nancy Stokes, and newcomer Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders) personifies the charisma and compassion of sex worker Leo Grande. As Nancy embarks on a post-marital sexual awakening and Leo draws on his skills and charm, together they find a surprising human connection.

Cast: Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack

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GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures


  1. Im 22 years old , i deal with social anxiety and i relate to how complicated Nancy was about the idea of letting go . I hope i ll find the courage to to let go myself. 10/07/2022

  2. Okay , this movie is truly was fantastic! i’m 44 . watching this was very adventurous, encouraging, empowering, beautiful, honest ,and simply GRANDE ! if i do say so myself !!!
    It’s Definitely worth watching!

  3. Why are all the best things released only on certain platforms, it means so many people miss out 🙁 this looks amazing too!

  4. Many old people have missing teeth with fake bridgework. They stink because of all of the medications, poor digestion and dead skin cells. The meds make them drowsy and irritable, and they revert back to an infantile selfish state of min. Exactly WHAT is sexy about that?!? After 60, everyone should stick with their graduating class unless they're looking for a fe/male prostitute for the evening. Yes evening. Not night, because we all know ALL NIGHTERS stop after 40 unless you're a virulent drug addict or suffering from a stomach flu.

  5. Reminds me of a news story about a "pool boy" having sex with a married lady. Not only did he dump her, he blackmailed her for money because he had sex tapes of them. Really ladies be careful. Don't let this movie be a message to find a young boyfriend. Maybe the message is to destigmatize old people's bodies. But really be careful about young men being nice to you. You most likely are not that great to them.

  6. Before older women start getting ideas, be aware that there is much stigma about such relationships and that could effect various aspects of your life. Also know the nature of young men is not caring. They will dump you for next and be mean about it. Traditional marriage with kids is the ultimate goal for social status points and keeping a job.

  7. This is disgusting. Stop glorifying predatory/degenerate relationships. Leo does it because he’s a mega rich celebrity and he has access to hot women (which are almost always under 25). Stop trying to fight biology!

  8. Just finished watching it
    Kinda funny
    Especially the part she was relieved she ain't the oldest person he had done it with 😂😂😂

  9. I'm getting the run around with Hulu..i filled info. Gave bank card info..on 30dsy tree trial ..cant get in..gave me a verification code..i still can't get in. Wth ??

  10. Hahahh when it's a women's point if view its romanticized but if it's a man's perspective it's perverse. From this point on don't complain about age gap and hired sex workers.

  11. This movie is amazing. Older woman and younger man. Why can’t this be in real life. Woman without fake boobs, lips or ass. Just plain natural it’s just beautiful. Having sex with orgasm. I love it. Today all those movies portraying beauty that is unnatural and fake!

  12. This looks good, however… The premise takes something great (sex between 2 attracted people) and completely ruins it with him being a prostitute. It makes it sickening because despite how nice he may be to her, or whatever, he tainted that by taking her cash. It would be equally sickening if it was an older man and then a young pretty woman and the roles were reversed. The reason they didn't make THAT film, is because unfortunately there are far more female "sex workers" than male, and probably 90% of the male ones are indeed gay.

  13. This movie is one of the best film’s I have seen. Great story. Emma Thompson’s performance is marvelous and Daryl McCormack’s performance is stunning. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  14. Emma Thomson body looks great at age 63, daring for making this movie , so many women are like nancy guilty of sexual pleasure , having babies doesn’t mean enjoy sex

  15. I almost could be Nancy. I'm 55 and have had ony one boyfriend in my entire life, and it wasn't the greatest experience. He was thoughtless and rather like a child. I have been treated like crap by boys/men all my life. They represent abuse, pain, humiliation. I have not had positive attention from men. It's been negative (bullying), then it went to nothing. I have been fascinated with male escorts for years, and think one day I might actually treat myself to one. So glad a movie has been made with an older woman hiring a sex worker. V. sad I can't watch on Hulu as I live outside the United States. Maybe it will show up on Google Play.

  16. I loved everything about this movie. I really didn’t want it to end. I forgot that it was just the two actors for most of the movie until new characters showed up towards the end. First time watching Daryl McCormack and I’m beyond impressed. He played “Leo” so well that it didn’t feel like he was acting.

  17. I saw the trailer for this prior to Elvis. I haven't felt so embarrassed for a movie or the emotion it was trying to convey in a long time. The playful music, the oh ever so posh and full of poise Emma Thompson but with a little crazy side, and the whole concept of "older woman going wild one more time in her life and falling crazily in love and living it all to the fullest", but not done as the comedy farce it is, but actually trying to be an honest, heartfelt romance with a little wacky comedy.

    And the montage of Emma Thompson with her quasi seducing look dancing in a hotel room with the young guy not believing this AMAZING, CRAZY and WILD DEVIL OF A WOMAN in front of him…

    Just the cheapest form of slushy romance or chick lit for aging middle class housewives who pull the turkey out of the oven and then go with some friends to have some "girl fun". And then they come out of the theater all wide eyed for one hour hoping their husband at home will somehow support this new romantic notion in their heads.

    Just the lowest of lows.

  18. I love how it handles the human interaction with a very lovely way … beautiful movie ❤️

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