Halloween Ends – Official Trailer

Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the last time as Laurie Strode as the saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in this final installment of the franchise. In theaters October 14, 2022.

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Halloween Ends – Official Trailer


  1. WAITTT micheal has 5 fingers on his left hand when he opened the door to Laurie pointing the gun at him. before that Laurie shot his fingers off with a shotgun leaving him only have 3 fingers left….L edit ?

  2. what IF you cut off his hands??? he can't hold a knife anymore or like his arms so he can't turn into captain hook Myers either. just a thought ive had for a while

  3. The only thing that will kill him is to put him in a wood chipper or something. Poor Laurie. Not much of a life she's had. It's gonna take more than a knife.

  4. I really hope I'm not let down like I was with "Glass". I was hoping for a showdown between the beast and Bruce Willis. Then a " secret society" wench and her cronies killed them both. In the middle of their rumble. I was pissed. They were mixing. I was waiting on that like I was waiting on Tyson Holyfield.

  5. They’ll probably kill off Laurie and Michael so that we can get a “new” killer which would just be the spirit of mm (or the demon possessing him) in another body 😐 really hated that twist at the end of the latest movie

  6. Seeing M&M struggling to hold her reminds me of the Walking Dead meme.

    Strong enough to take down a 2 ton cow.
    Strong enough to pin down a full grown man.
    Can't hold on to a sickly young boy.

    I can see the memes now.

    Can tear a grown man's face off.
    Strong enough to break bone with his bare hands.
    Durable enough to take on several rifle rounds.
    Strong enough to overpower any man.
    Can't hold on to a sickly old woman.

  7. This means the characters of Laurie and her family end. But the character of Michael Myers will be going on forever. I hope they leave this saga alone after this movie, but they won't

  8. The way Halloween ended was terrible, a town riot really they could have done so much but decided to go with that 👎👎

  9. Some leaks says that MICHAEL M. really is like the devil or antichrist thats the reason why "he cant be on the water" and died.

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