Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

A young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a renowned hypnotist, but after a handful of intense sessions, soon discovers unexpected and deadly consequences.

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Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

Feeling stuck both personally and professionally, Jenn turns to a mysterious hypnotherapist for help, only to find herself caught in a deadly mind game.


  1. I remember I once read a book by Dean Koontz with the same theme, it's called False Memory, it's very good. And I came here to see if there was anyone else who knows it too lol. The movie was ok but very predictable, I must admit I excepted more given that Kate was in it.

  2. The scenario wasn't bad , the actors were not bad but the editing was awful. There was so much potencial in thus movie but unfortunately the execution was really dissappointing.

  3. Hypnosis for real is AMAZING, and YouTube is full of self-hypnosis videos. It's a good movie, but it's creating a negative and distorted image of what hypnotherapy really is 🙂

  4. Can you please stop writing about the actress !!! ??? The only reason the people read the comments under a trailer is to find out if the movie was good or not. We really don't care about the actress to be honest.

  5. Y'all are in love with a transformer. A man in drag pretending to be a woman. Y'all gotta start looking past the make up and accessories. This is a dam man. That's all they give us

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