I am Georgina | Official Trailer | Netflix

Georgina Rodríguez’s life changed five years ago thanks to love. Now is time to know the personal side of the woman behind the covers, the Instagram stories and the red carpets. I am Georgina, coming this January 27, only on Netflix.


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I am Georgina | Official Trailer | Netflix

Join Georgina Rodríguez — mom, influencer, businesswoman and Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner — in this emotional and in-depth portrait of her daily life.


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  2. I have a few problems with this show. I haven't watched all of it, so there are bound to be wrong points.
    Firstly, nothing happens. We see her shop for dresses, speak about family, vacay, repeat. We see her daily life but it's the same thing, nothing interesting really happens. Aside from that one conflict regarding the dress she's going to wear to Cannes, which was dealt with in a matter of minutes there's barely any problems and solutions (for lack of better words) occuring.
    Secondly, this seems scripted. We constantly hear "Georgina is a great person" "She's caring" "She loves her family" "She's funny" "She loves her friends" "She's humble" "She's kind" yet we don't see this expanded on or shown alot. At one point I remember asking how funny she is, because she looked kind of emotionless and don't say much, at least at the beginning of the series. While some people might say she "Might not be comfortable Acting like herself around the camera" then why give her a TV show? The only persons who really seemed genuine were the kids and Ronaldo (The latter in some scenes). Not to mention we mention her strong points, but not alot of her flaws. If she's really human, show us some of the mistakes she may have made, mean things she might occasionally do and regret. Without stuff like that it honestly seems like they're trying to paint her as perfect.

  3. La réussite doit servir à passer un message bien veillant pour les gens qui les admires, et non pas a une vengeance ou une revanche a la classe social d’ou l’ont vient.
    Ne croyez pas a ce bonheur factice qui doit cacher de terrible souffrance.

  4. An uneducated poor little rich girl who is practically a NOBODY .She doesn't know the difference between "aristocracy "and "bureaucracy " and she claims that Cyprus ,a member nation of the European Union, is in Asia !!!!Selfish ,narcissistic,extremely materialistic she can't bring herself to admitting that basically she is Ronaldo's concubine ,a kept woman.

  5. I literally didn’t know who she was lol 😂 up until she landed on my FYP on TikTok from people/content creators reviewing her show and how shallow she seems. That was the biggest complaint literally 😅

  6. Que triste esto tenga salida…misión casarme con quien me matenga ..esto es lo q vende esta tía.. la madre más amarosa con 20 sirvientes 🤣🤣
    Se lo que no es tener nada ??? 🤣🤣
    Se lo que es el esfuerzo??? 🤣🤣🤣
    Un niño q hereda las zapatillas de us hermanos o va a un colegio público no es pobre estúpida..
    Y chuparlal hasta potar no es un esfuerzo querida .
    El q se ha esforzado es el.
    Ella me parece triste q busque hacerse un nombre de esa manera ..

  7. To those complaining, if you got a chance to walk a day in her shoes, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. We normalise hating others who've found success, particularly when the success they enjoy came from being with wealthy men.
    It's not her fault that Christiano fell in love with her and showers her with wealth. More of us women should find ourselves some good men who can give us the world.
    Live and Let Live.

  8. wow the comments do not pass the vibe check… but hey everyone is entitled to have and share their own opinions.. like me.. and i would like to say that i honestly judged the fck out of this show. I thought to myself, jeezz another Kardashian reality show, BUT not having anything else to watch i finally gave in. And WOW, let me tell you, i am totally impressed by this Wonderful Beautiful woman. Very respectable, humbled, with values and moral. And so far i have been inspired by the gorgeous woman. Because of her level of self-confidence and self-respect. She has inspired me to explore more my feminine side. Hugs and kisses Georgina Rodriguez!! You are a true example of Woman, Wife, Mother and Daughter <3

  9. To be honest, I think that Christiano and Georgina are very nice people based on a couple of videos I have seen on the internet. Also, I think that Geo looks like Monica Bellucci. However, I have to say that I am pretty disappointed after watching the show because I realized that in this world footballers and their families are more known than scientists and doctors or people who actually dedicated their whole lives in their respected fields so the humanity would be a better place. I told myself not to be prejudiced and watch the whole show waiting for the moment when it goes beyond selfies, buying things, wearing expensive clothes and jewelery but the only moments I found that are worth praising are the moments they spend with their family and children. There is love there but it's sad that Geo has been portrayed as a nouveau riche person with no purpose in life other than buying expensive things and taking selfies. I wonder if there is more to her than meets the eye. Lastly I would like to add that there are so many women who deserve to be famous because of their own achievements and because they tried very hard to succeed. Please Netflix, make documentaries about them instead of spouses of people good at sport who married well. We have the XXI century and marrying well is no achievement for women anymore, making themselves who they want to be despite the circumstances and changing the world is.

  10. The problem with Humans is they want to hate on everything, if you dont want to watch why are you expressing your Hatred Here?.people will watch and whether you like it or not she will still make her money,so invest your energy in other things.

  11. I love that with all the money HE have they gave her the clothes she was about to buy at the roberto cavali store,on the house😑 im not one of those ppl to complain but come on,thats ridiciouls!

  12. Omg lol. They are running out of ideas 💡. This woman isn't the nicest as they are trying to protray her. Her uncle asked her if he can get an autograph from her famous boyfriend what's he's name lol and she said no and her uncle never asked her for money or took anything from her. He wanted that autograph for his son. She doesn't even talk to some of her family when she got all rich. She forgot where she came from.

  13. I think she deserves what she has now. She’s a good wife, a good mom, and she’s hot. I know I’m just nothing but if I was something, I wouldn’t be his girlfriend because I can’t take care of so many kids and some are not mine like her. That’s why I admire her and believe she deserves this life

  14. Porqué esa agresividad al hablar… Parece que ha sentido mucho rechazo
    "Pocos conocen quien soy " yo agregaría y a muchos no les importa conocerte, lo único interesante en ti es ser pareja del momento de un deportista famoso

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