I Want You Back – Official Trailer | February 11 | Prime Video

Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate) thought they were on the precipice of life’s biggest moments – marriage, kids, and houses in the suburbs – until their respective partners dumped them. Horrified to learn that the loves of their lives have already moved on, Peter and Emma hatch a hilarious plan to win back their exes with unexpected results.


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I Want You Back – Official Trailer | February 11 | Prime Video

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  1. Disney continues pumping out garbage Stars Wars content because people buy it no matter what. To stop the degradation of Tolkien, vote with your wallet

  2. I usually don't watch too many of these type movies, cause they are usually not worth watching. But checked this out cause Charlie Day and I'm not disappointed. This movie had real heart and didn't treat me like a had no brain, imo. We need more movies of this nature.

  3. The fact that the producers/director/writers were smart enough to use the song 'I Want You Back' originally done by the Jackson 5 is what pulled me in to watch this movie which was not to bad, very entertaining to watch.

  4. I really love this movie. The casting is really good. The casting makes the movie really believable.. like it’s normal people.

  5. Oh let me guess. The two losers fall for each other.
    Wow. So much imagination.
    Don't to death.
    No true imagination.
    I'll pass.

  6. Marriage, kids, houses in the suburbs? What jobs do these people have and how much money did they inherit from their parents?

  7. Did Gina Rodriguez being canceled for multiple racism issue? Another prove cancel culture is complete bullshit especially in bias hypocrite Hollywood lmao

  8. It's gonna be predictable, high chance that it's going to be bad, but i will definitely watch it, solely for Charlie Day.

  9. All I want is this Jewish girl to text me and for me to meet up with her and live with her. She could be mom and maybe friends. Text me

  10. Obviously it'll be predictable where they realize they're better moving on, being together, but one will do something where they make the other mad… they'll have to fight to get back with each other by the end. But still, this looks great.

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