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For Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg), skills he has never learned and memories of places he has never visited haunt his daily life. Self-medicated and on the brink of a mental breakdown, Evan is sought by a secret group that call themselves “Infinites,” revealing to him that his memories may be real—but they are from multiple past lives.

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  1. The mail service that’s part of the government right they should put cameras on the mail trucks and on the mailboxes for the apartments and houses because even the people that work in the mail service could be stealing oh there’s people checks social Security an address.

  2. Imagine remembering all your past lives, the good and the bad, and not learning a damn thing? This is this movie. Also, where are all the Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings and then God? So you got all these past lives, but no God? Someone got to be setting up all these past lives, so you keep seeing each other, even though, in different bodies through different centuries. Disappointing and simplistic.

  3. Probably is schizo since Marky Marky poke some guys eye out, blinded him, in real life….since real life forgives a'holes what does he care?

  4. As long as they put explosions on and a lot of destruction nobody cares that the story line is trash. Reminds me of Transformers and stupid Avengers.

  5. Mark Wahlberg my words here, this movie will achieve a new level of cult status in the annuals of time.

    1/10 best Marktrix movie yet

  6. SYNOPSIS: Whole entire god-damn movie shown in approx. 2 mins 33 seconds…MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: INFINITE…is now COMPLETE, thanks Paramount+ (original streaming name)

  7. I saw this preview in a cinema and was super excited but, wait, it's only available on streaming?!? What the hell? Every comment on this video is people complaining that is on a streaming service… Release it in theatres so people can see it! Please!

  8. Came here to read through the comments and all I found was a bunch of negative Nancy know-it-all’s that haven’t even seen it yet. Good grief people!! Why so much hate?

  9. Alright after watching the movie it was PAINFUL, I've seen better actors and seemed like better budgets in cheap pornos. Just stop making movies, seriously if you can't do any better than this.

  10. I think mark is great and all but his co star chiwettle is talented af I'm seeing this fs because of both of them

  11. This first teaser ass dude. The new trailer is so much better. This give you NO context whatsoever

  12. This is probably more loud, obnoxious nonsense in the vain of Transformers or Fast and Furious. However, jumping onto that plane looked pretty epic.

  13. So basically a modern take on Highlander is exactly what this feels like in my opinion. Would be cool to see an actor or 2 from the tv series cameo. But of course that's not going to happen lol

  14. First it was Tom cruise as the last samurai, then Keanu reeves as an ancient samurai, now it’s marky mark as an ancient Asian warrior……

    When will we stop accepting white leads within a strictly ethnic premise……

  15. Wow straight out calling schizophrenia a super power …do you have any idea or care about the harm that this could do to a schizophrenic person you even mention self harm in the trailer and blocked memorys along with hallucinations….what's next voices and psychosis…

  16. If only there was a service, where you could, you know, have like a couple dozen of these streaming services, but, you know, like all on one bill, oh, wait, I guess that's FUCKING CABLE TV !!!

  17. Movie looks good they need to hide shit in trailers more. We already know whatvit's gonna be. Dude has secret history. Bad guys introduces/antagonizes needs him for some powerful world changing power. Who am I? Friends allies introduce, battles and hi jinks. Maybe a mole/double agent in the crew. Becomes most powerful guy in crew, brief fallout or self-doubt amongst crew, they reunite. save world. Same movie since like 1990. It still does look good, but you aleeady know all the details from the trailer. The enemy, what an infinite is, (which should be a mystery even throughout the movie) the battles, the allies, the world's in danger. All they didn't show was the credits.

  18. Can't tell if that's Suge Knight or Chiwetel Ejiofor …

    Maybe it is both … just reincarnated through each …

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