INJUSTICE Official Trailer #1 (NEW 2021) Animated Superhero Movie HD

official new movie trailer for Injustice Movie

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  1. Joker is so crazy he was fearless, his response in seeing a man blast a hole into the wall, eyes glowing and looking murderously pissed? laugh hysterically at it. This guy has nothing but shameless disregard for human life even his own

  2. Super man in Doom movie:Bruce I will never turn evil.(Gives Batman kryptonite.)
    Joker:( Kills Lois and unborn child.)
    Superman:(Lobotimizing criminals, becoming evil dictator.)
    Me: At least you know what will take him to snap. Batman took years of people dying to snap. You would think after Jason and crippling Barbara would be enough. He snapped his neck like a twig.😤 He was an Iron wall.

  3. This story told us GOOD PERSON always been Bullied, how many times they want make Superman become DARKNESS, same in our real world, EARTH will fall because HUMAN

  4. That's gonna be good. One problem though, y does funko release pops early when in this preview ,one of the characters they released is not shown..meaning funko spoils too much smh

  5. Yes Superman have every right to go after I did the Joker actor kills his wife and his unborn little one

  6. Yes Superman have so much rage and anger yes Clark will go on a anger killing spree yes The Joker did the one thing he shouldn't have doing killed Lois Lane and his Unborn baby yes Clark will turn against the world in a fit of rage and anger and Madness

  7. I’ve always loved the injustice story, I would love to see it animated although it prolly won’t get into all the details like the comics did

  8. Repent Jesus is coming soon accept Jesus as your lord and savior and believe in your heart that God rose him from the dead. God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten son to die for you and your sin

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