1. I hope it's not YET ANOTHER sci fi movie where they only hint on shit but never show any actual aliens or what happens. Just a lot of build up and finally…nothing.

    I HOPE not 'cause I love sci fi movies but to me, most of them are just that and they doing go anywhere or they totally fuck the movie up with some bullshit. It's time for a GOOD sci fi movie Hollywood. Pretty please?

  2. Reminds me of the way Interstellar was shown in trailers only giving a little away. Could be a good film, hints of Christopher Nolan.

  3. I'd rather see a movie about space brothers trying to save humanity from itself. That'd be really far out.

  4. You……..you fools in Hollywood….WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW OF VISITORS OR THEIR INTENTIONS???? INVASION IS A POWER GRAB……no need when you think clearer and intens better. Get it through your THICK BS HOLLYWOOD SKULLS for the last LAME TIME……… Aliens dont think or act like you do. THERE IS NO REASON TO "INVADE" THE DESPERATE WORLD OF FOOLS.

  5. Haven't we seen this before???? LOL, well at least it has Sam Neill doing some kind of bizarre southern accent.

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