King Richard – Official Trailer 2

This one gave me chills!! Here’s our new trailer for King Richard featuring @Beyoncé’s “Be Alive”!! Nov. 19 in theaters + @HBO Max


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  1. SPA = I sincerely hope that my computer is tripping= because it seems as if there were no lighting pro on set = why on earth does this film seems to be from the lowest of budget films = I am furious = The greatness of this man, King Richard and his two historical champion daughters story deserve to be created and made by not only top actors but the best technical people in the industry or by the director, John Singleton and the crew who shot boys In The Hood = again I trust that it's my computer which makes this movie appears cheaply done= so after seeing the movie I will again voice my opinion and or apologies = I only want the very best in the telling of the story of such greatness = much love & respect. Soon come

  2. People thought Richard was being another Joe Jackson, puting your kids in the lime light, you hear a lot of athlete's say they wanted to quit but it was the parents that pushes them through, I heard it from stars like , Allen Iverson and Ray Lewis

  3. Idk why but seeing them playing pat a cake like Celie and Nettie (The Color Purple) assured me that this movie will indeed be about more than just tennis. In a world where you had to look or appear a certain way to be great especially in a profession like theirs, all they had was each other 😭🙏🏾

  4. Wonderful and amazing….Just grateful to witness what an amazing, and determine father. Nothing short of amazing mother, and, siblings. Venus and Serena paid attention, put in the work, and reaps the benefits of great ness. .And continues. Continued blessings, safety and 💯❤ "Historical Movie." "AMONGST THE BEST: "Will Smith."

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