Legendary Tales: Cataclysm [Official Trailer]

The long-awaited sequel of the Legendary Tales saga is here!

A dreadful vision has come to the oracle. A global catastrophe is about to happen and witches are to blame. Who can save the world now?

After all the resurrection sarcophagi had been destroyed by the werewolf, the circle of witches was in a panic. They sent expeditions to look for new sarcophagi. They found something much more precious, but they didn’t have a clue about how dangerous their find was…

One witch must stand against friends and enemies to save a peaceful existence. She will make her way using force and cunning to discover an unbelievable find that will forever change the world as she knows it.

Explore the magic world, solve dozens of puzzles and test yourself in exciting mini-games to stop the impending cataclysm!

Download for Windows:

Download for Mac:


  1. Hello,just wanted to say thank you for an amazing games,im truly having a great time playing them,usually my gaming session is at night,with a hot drink and some snacks,the atmosphere is magical in your games,the music is on point.Good luck and stay safe

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  3. Five BN what about the darkness and flame series I am waiting for it from a long time please make a sequel

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