Love Hard | Official Trailer | Netflix

A romantic comedy about the lies we tell for love. An unlucky-in-love LA girl (Nina Dobrev) falls for a rugged East Coast guy (Darren Barnet) on a dating app and decides to surprise him for the holidays—only to discover that she’s been catfished by his childhood friend (Jimmy O. Yang). Directed by Hernán Jiménez.

Watch Love Hard, on Netflix November 5:


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Love Hard | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Spoiler alert…….

    Most of the people here in comments are saying that she shouldn't fall for the one who has cat-fished her but when you'll watch the movie you'll understand that Josh (cat-fisher) and her wavelength matched way more better that Tag and hers. We all fall for a person's looks but that will prevail for a while and that love will not last long. But when you fall for someone's inner beauty then that love will last long or even forever.
    ❤There's a beautiful moment in the movie where she asks him to accept himself and post a picture of his own because he has beautiful eyes and above that he is a good guy. That's where he states that he doesn't know how to showcase his good nature through photographs……..

  2. Why did the producers ignore all the actually attractive Asian stars out there and cast a stereotypical nerdy looking one? It’s 2021 not 1995, k-drama and k-pop is IN now, get with the program

  3. Do yourself a favor and skip this trash. What a God awful woke mess. When she was in the Uber and demanded the driver change the station because Baby, it's cold outside was on, and she said, "it put the hip in Rohypnol". I was like yeah; this is why she's single. There's nothing wrong with that song, it's only thought of as 'rapey' by white, woke, women too stupid to understand an actual courtship with flirting. Then they had to sing that song, change the words, and end the movie with a scene from Love Actually. One of the most ridiculous scenes in movie history which was basically a stalker out for his buddy's wife, who was only 17. Love Actually was ridiculous, this was far worse. Good God, it may be time to cancel Netflix once and for all.

  4. Thumbs down. A woke shitshow. All leading characters are women. Among those are a few white women. All other characters are POC. Among those you might find a white dude.

  5. Oh my God..what happened to her??she was sooo pretty in tvd. But now she look like a skeleton. She looks 10 year older than her age. Loosing that much weight is not healthy. Idk.. I'm not happy to see her like this.

  6. What this movie has taught me: We have to change the lyrics to Baby it‘s cold outside now because it‘s glorifying rape. However, catfishing is totally romantic! 👌

  7. I just watched this. I liked it! I still don’t understand the title though. I rather hate the title in fact, I want to recommend it to friends but the title makes it sound so stupid. 😆

  8. This movie was a movie that you already saw….but in way worst.
    2 individuals who hate each other but met online and the guy getting false identity…..1998 You've got Mail.
    Then I got suprised that the movie did not ended when the supercherie was founded so he tried to help her getting a man attention but she felt for the helper…. mmm that was familliar… How to lose a guy in 10 days a very good movie
    So they steal 2 scenarios of classic movies and ruined them with stupid wokeness 2020s shit with hallmark actors even F is too much of a grade for this.
    Stupid woke will be offended by this just as they are about everything.

  9. Are we supposed to assume that the Tag guy is the better looking dude? Maybe I'm weird, but Jimmy O has more appeal to me than the other dude. Other dude looks like a stock photo in a picture frame of generic "good looking dude" to appeal to the masses.

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