“Where are the Black superheroes?” That question, posed back in 1993, led to a revolution: the creation of Milestone Media.

In 1993, Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, and Michael Davis had an idea: a Black-owned comic book company, in partnership with DC, that would introduce the world to a new universe of the most diverse heroes the world had ever seen.

That idea changed everything. Characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and Blood Syndicate allowed fans to see themselves represented in comics like never before, in stories that were incisive, pulse-pounding, and ahead of their time. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there.

Milestone Generations is the electrifying story of Milestone Media, of the challenges they faced in changing the face of superhero storytelling, and of the rebirth of the company – now with entertainment legend Reggie Hudlin helping to steer the ship – just when the world needs the Milestone heroes more than ever.

Milestone Generations is coming. Presented by Ally

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  1. They should've stayed in the '90s. As someone who owns the new Static run (for the artwork, not for Vita's writing) and is reading blood syndicate, I'm beyond disappointed. Draper-Ivey is the only good artist they got and the writers don't know what year they're in.

  2. I would like to see Ryan coogler take over and direct this whole Universe it would be off the chain. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Average white comic collector here…. I remember having a random copy of Static and the art blew me away. It was gritty and beautiful at the same time. In the last couple years I've started collecting the back issues of the Milestone titles and they're all just spectacular. I hope Milestone becomes bigger and more people learn about these amazing stories.

  4. CAN’T WAIT!!
    This is a story that needs to be heard…and WOW, what a rich history of some of the most iconic comic book characters ever! Artwork, Storylines…Milestone IS the example of what CAN be!
    Denys Cowans ROCKS, his career arc continues to show pure genius (he’ll disagree…but in this, he is mistaken!), and I am Uber Excited to see the amazing things soon to come for both Denys and Milestone!!

  5. Why is Method Man narrating this I thought he only goes for Marvel Comics. His character portrayed in Wu Tang an American Saga even said so when he wouldn’t answer a Batman question?

  6. I don't understand why that Static Project they often mention(I think Michael B.Jordan is Producing it Now?) still hasn't happened.
    Like, Give a Static Movie. Then Rocket & Icon, etc, etc.

  7. They're feeling the pressure from Isom so now they're making actual original characters. Good, but a bit too late. Most the fan base already checked out.

  8. Lol.. Nothing like PRIVLIDGED people.. Whining about oppression.. It's sad pathetic.. And is an unfortunate effect of a culture indoctrinating their children..

  9. Have to be honest: like all the actual agenda in DC I wonder if they are really paying attention to Milestone right now because they have been there for years and deserve it or it's just a commercial move using for their own benefit the new wings of change.
    Sorry but I don't trust DC when they suddenly feels the urgency of honor minorities.

  10. They strongly reminds me of why I despise the cancerous tumor going for the media now known as diversity. This s*** is all trivial and meaningless. To go back when everybody was pure white would be the greatest blessing in the world has known at this current time

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