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Here’s the Trailer of Mishan Impossible

Releasing worldwide on April 1st 2022 .

#MishanImpossible starring #TaapseePannu , Harsh Roshan, Bhanu Prakshan, Jayateertha Molugu & Others.
Directed by Swaroop RSJ

Movie Credits:
Story – Screenplay – Direction: Swaroop RSJ
Producers: Niranjan Reddy & Anvesh Reddy.
Co-Producer – NM Pasha
Banners: Matinee Entertainment, PA Entertainments
Dialogues: Swaroop RSJ & Mano Ranjitham Divya
Music Director: Mark K Robin
Director of Photography: Deepak Yeragara
Editor: Raviteja Girijala
Co-Director- Amit Tripathi
Sound Design: Nagarjun Thallapalli
Art Director: Sri Nagendra Tangala
Action Director: Ram Sunkara
Costume Designers: Prasanna Varma Danthuluri & Indrakshi Pattanaik (Tapsee Pannu)
Audiography : Ajith Abraham George
PRO: Vamsi – Shekar
Digital Media: Manoj Valluri
Digital Promotions- Haashtag Media

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  1. Pillalu cinema eragadheesaru simply superb,,,very nice movie,,e movie ki highlight pillaley

  2. Billion times Best Movie than those who call themselves Stars and simply make stupid Ones.. I've already watched this 4 times. Only Recent Movie to have watched multiple times after KGF 1 & 2. Good Selection Tapsi 😊

  3. I love the movie..👍same naa brother character …"Raghupathi"🤍..so good..nyc story..👍

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