Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan's Island | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan’s Island is coming to select theaters September 27 & 28 in the US and September 29 & October 1 in Canada! More info here:

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  1. I am hearing rumors? If this movie base on a deleted episode does very well we may finally get a remake of the original 0079 series with origins style animation.

  2. Well I still think that hand drawing the Gundams look better then CG but this does still looks cool. I hope it I can go to one theater near me to see this because it is awesome to see it.

  3. Three-quarters of the showing in MY STATE are in the Northeast. The rust belt…
    BY FAR the most populated area of Ohio is THE CENTRAL PART around Columbus!
    There are NO BOOKINGS anywhere in the central part of the state.
    They didn't consider there are probably more anime fans going to school around Columbus than any other part of the state? (I'm far past college age and am no media booker but even I understand you want to book where the most fans are!!!)
    Who does the bookings for this movie because the bookings make NO SENSE!!!!
    Crunchyroll once again shows it's behaving like a turkey with the head cut off.
    And these guys are the top domestic distributor of anime in the US now?!?

  4. A MOVIE of the "Lost" (More like deliberately discarded) episode of Gundam? Okay, that is just FASCINATING. Curious to see what's different between the two, if only for what it says about why Tomino pulled rank and made sure that episode never got localized outside of (randomly) Italy.

  5. i personally would love to see the original gundam being remade with this animation. i personally can't bring myself to watch the entire original and that left me disconnected from this era

  6. Big Gundam fan but I wish they expand on the number of theaters showing it, because the closest one to me that has it is 2 hours drive and I wish it wasn’t during work days.

  7. Watching the beginning of Gundam in the Universal Century is always like peeking into expansive fictional history. There is so much history in the U.C. and if you take anything from it, take this lesson from the U.C. timeline. "War never changes, and neither do the people fighting it".

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