1. Black man with a white woman. Is anyone suprised? The only movie with a black guy as a main character, and he just has to not have a black woman.

  2. half way through this trailer turned into something totally different. Lol
    When he picked up the sword should have made it a light saber.

  3. No longer plugged n2 da Matrix, while still in captivity, but livin in thus wicked world of confusion: + full of hypocrites… Stay Set Apart:( thine Chosen Only);

  4. Damn good movie! I'm convinced more and more each time I see John Boyega that Denzel has an illegitimate child LOL

  5. This movie was not good at all. It felt rushed and the plot is played out. It's almost like the role was too simple for John Boyega's acting portfolio.

  6. I want to watch this movie because of John Boyega playing in it but I almost didn't because of the stupid trailer keep throwing written words and short sentences in. So freaking irritating. Almost as bad as putting quotes from others in about the movie or tags about festivals.

  7. This man should go to Paternity Court, if he hasn't already and proof that Denzel washington is his Father.

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