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“If this fails, lives will be ruined.”

Based on the secret negotiations that led to the Oslo Peace Accords, the original film Oslo premieres May 29 on HBO Max #HBO #OsloHBO Subscribe to HBO on YouTube:

Adapted from the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, Oslo follows the secret back-channel talks, unlikely friendships, and quiet heroics of a small but committed group of Israelis and Palestinians, plus one Norwegian couple, that led to the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords. Oslo stars Ruth Wilson as Mona Juul, a Norwegian foreign minister, and Andrew Scott as Terje Rod-Larsen, a Norwegian sociologist and Mona’s husband. The film is written by Tony-winning writer of the stage play J.T. Rogers and will be directed by Barlett Sher (Tony winner for South Pacific).

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Oslo: Official Trailer | HBO


  1. Why does HBO casts an English, Irish, Czech, and a Finnish to play as Norwegians?
    Talented Norwegian actors exists. We can easily tell that they don't even sound Norwegian. It's all so dumb to me.

  2. The Rothschild 🇬🇧 Family Created The State Of Israel. Israel Ain't Judaism But The Rothschild 🇬🇧. Look Up Neturei Karta And Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss Protesting Israel On YouTube

  3. i was kinda funny to watch how they " recreated " the old fornebu airport, wich was 10 minutes from where i grew up, it was clearly a ordinary storefront somewhere, and they just put up a fornebu airport sign

  4. I cackled when Qurei realized that his and Uri's daughter are both named 'Maya' then they got along. Reminds me of Batman and Superman and their Martha mothers🤣

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