1. I was kind of disappointed. Cage did great, and I loved the pig and some of the other characters. But the movie was way too slow and uninteresting much of the time. For a film not directed by Gus Van Sant, I was hoping for a Portland film that wasn't as slow and anticlimactic.

  2. If you think cage is a bad actor the. You're a bad critic of cinematography and that's why you'll never work in the industry

  3. Spoiler:

    John Wick stole his pig in retaliation for Nicolas Cage accidentally running over his new dog. They fight it out and both die…but the pigs OK!

  4. This looks like a really stupid movie. Hollyweird is running out of ideas on movie scrips. I guess I'll keep watching 80's and 90's movies.

  5. Rumor has it that whenever someone says they think Nick Cage has lost his mind, he stars in an even crazier movie.

  6. Its like john wick, without the guns, action and hype soundtrack, his weapon of choice are his words and culinary skills.
    I enjoyed it alot. Very thoughtful movie.

  7. Hey. I dont know if it will be good or not, but its something different and right now I'll take that.

  8. You can steal his wife…no problem
    You can steal his kids…no problem
    But when you steal his pig…youve gone too far!

  9. Seen The title wondered WTF was a plot Line, Understand Now. Nic is Good , Intriguing Overtone, So Will be Good. & people Always go to a Movie w/an Open Mind: Expect a "B" Movie. It its good UB Glad U were Wrong! It IfIt B, A, "B", B Glad U Guessed Right!

  10. The acting was really good on his part. Kinda what you expect from Nicolas Cage. The story on the other hand was dull and could be told in 2 minutes. I get what they was trying to achieve.. Make you think and question the meaning and different aspects to things/life.. Push on the whole emotional aspect. But for me it just needed more of a story. Personally, it was like they dragged out a 10 minute story to over an hour. There wasn't enough story to justify the acting to make it a good film. I'm kinda gutted tbh after watching it. I was expecting so much more. I'm honestly gutted cause it started off really well.

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