PUBG 4K Movie? (Trailer)

PUBG Trailer

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  1. Sevou if you Transfer ur account Your account spoider mon in bgmi ur level outfit everything in ur Bgmi account try it

  2. hallo bro i'm your fan from indonesia,I want to see your game play with AWM again,please play with AWM!!

  3. Sevou I am your biggest subscribeer and fan you told that you will give UC to your subscribers but sevou Iam your biggest fan I like your each video. Did you forget me bro by the way this is my pubg kr I'd 61290349505 .pleaae😭😩sevou help me for some UC. Please bro please please .

  4. Congrats Sevou for 6 mil. Glad to be part of your family. Love from Malaysia.
    My ID: 5284755265

  5. Congratulations 👏 👏 🥳 🎊 Sevou. Its very nice to see your hard work shine in that Sub button and also I am one of your OG . I have been supporting since your were at 1 million. I hope I get a chance to win the giveaway. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, NOW NEXT ROAD IS 1O MILLION!!!.
    MY ID :5662619159

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