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Reacher – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. Aged 39, 6"2" and nearly 200lbs. THAT'S more like it, Tom! Can't wait to see it. I always thought Dwayne Johnson would've been good in the role, but this guy looks like he rocks it.

  2. I love the books and almost cried when Tom Cruise took on the role. No offense to Mr Cruise but he is clearly not built for the job. I had always thought that Christopher Hemsworth would be a good Reacher but this guy they selected is a good match as well. Hope the show is as good as the excerpt.

  3. He looks much closer to the part and those fights don't look too bad. We'll see if acting and tone match up. Its been awhile since I read any of the books so I don't remember the tone too well. One thing Tom Cruise had in spades during his portrayals was the intensity and intelligence.

  4. My mum loves the books& she hated what they did with the movies so I hope she likes this one as I'll have to put up with the complaining 😂😂 hopefully this guy fits the books description this time.

  5. This guy looks visually more accurate to how I imagined Reacher looking, especially compared to Tom Cruise's portrayal (Although I felt he acted the part very well). This show I believe has alot of potential to be good, but this preview already has me a bit concerned on its quality, and how true they keep to Reachers character. Although this guy looks more like the reacher from the books, it already looks like they've given him a more soft, buff 20 year old character, as compared to the stone cold military policeman, as I imagined reacher being. I could be wrong, or maybe this portrayal will work out ok, but I do hope they are able to keep this at least as in line with the books as the Tom Cruise movies were.

  6. Nah. I Like the Tom Cruise character better. More believable than a large muscle bound guy in the new series Tom cruise had no size , but smarts and fighting techniques going for him. More believable

  7. Short of having Sean Bean or Jason Statham, this is as good as it gets in accurate depiction!
    A brunette, midget pretty-boy was never going to work for me. I refused to watch the movie on principal.
    This is something Im willing to watch! I just gotta read em all again, first 😂

  8. What a terrible mis-catch of Jack Reacher. Even gddamn Cruise was better than this trainwreck of a casting decision.
    This guy has ZERO screen presence. Ugh…..

  9. Finally the real deal! Nothing against Tom Cruise. I enjoyed the movies. But he just wasn't badass enough, lol once you've read the books. And I've read ALL of them. Guess I'll have to get Prime video back!

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