1. Wow , Gal is 120 pounds but beats down the rock and Ryan 🤡 another “ I can do better “ girl power trash idiotism, skip

  2. Wow, NETFLIX sends heavy, and there's a scene like in Fast and Furious 1:17 where dwayne jackson and jason statham want to get out of jail.

  3. Finally the rock is out of the jungle. 😂😂😂 he seems settled in the city and looking for deadpool and wonderwoman. Honestly I hope this will be a blast

  4. That bit when the handcuffs go on and their heads get banged together is the daftest most hilarious thing I've ever seen 😂

  5. I love it when Gal Gadot says bye bye agent John Harley with a soft remorseful gesture then waving goodbye to him, such a classic

  6. So internet what will it be?

    Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Locke

    the crossover of DC/Marvel of Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Deadpool and call it the Three immortals

    Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson playing Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot playing Gal Gadot

    Finally getting "The Other Guys"

  7. It's good to see Gal do her own fights, but I hope the fight scenes aren't as fast-paced and cut-throat like Marvel's.

  8. Oh my God why is Dwayne Johnson always ALWAYS a cop who's low key funny.. Jeez man, try a different role now that you're a successful movie star

  9. Gal Gadot beating up The Rock. This is what is wrong with the USA. Women's view of themselves has become so distorted that we are all living in a cartoon

  10. Wish the rock hadn't went full retard and endorsed Joe Biden…the least he could do is publicly apologize

  11. Another skinny 100 pound woman beating up men twice or in the Rocks case three times her size movie ! Pathetic !

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