Republican Movie Trailer – SNL

This is the story of the Republican who stood up to President Donald Trump.

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  1. SNL used to contain more objective comedy that would not be clouded by political bias. Now it is just a propaganda wing for leftist idealism. It is sad that our popular culture has strayed so far away from what comedy used to be. Comedy is supposed to push the envelope on what is acceptable to say and go against the mainstream. Now it is just a summarization of leftist talking points.

  2. Please understand that Donald Trump ran on this very platform in 2016 and won. A Republican? Check. He "puts the country over party"? Check. At least, that's what he says and his fans gobble it up. One who is a "patriot" and uses various other appeals to nationalism? One who has "the voice of a generation" (he has literally hijacked the Republican party, everyone from young to old) and a "powerful message"? "Rallying cries" that spoke to "all people" (his people)? Check, check, and check. I mean, it's all bullshit but Trump is a master of spinning BS and channeling emotions in his followers via all these self-promotional campaigns in the form of rallies. I am just saying like this bit, while funny, is about somebody challenging Trump from within the Republican party, but we already have seen what happens to people that actually have tried to do just that. Liz Cheney spoke out against Trump along with like 8 other Republicans and they're borderline basically about to be kicked out of the party.

    This has never happened at least in my lifetime and it's very similar to what happened in the early 30's to the mid 40's with Nazi Germany. I know, it's a tired analogy in the eyes of some people, but all of the prerequisite ingredients are there. People are frustrated right now, they're scared, and they're angry. When Hitler rose to power, it was as much about his charisma and ability to whip people into a frenzy as it was that he also had the benefit of a populace that was vindictively angry and that wanted revenge. At the time they felt they were being unjustly punished for World War 1, whereas nowadays the people vulnerable to Trump's brand of conservatism, to put it bluntly, cannot stand the Democrats.

    It's not entirely their fault, by and large they only watch FOX News and of course every single day they're being told something, usually a lie or some gross exaggeration of the truth, that manipulates them into hating the Democrats even more. They literally now feel like this is a life and death situation because they've been told so for so long, and this is probably the most dangerous place mentally they can possibly be. That is what leads to shit like January 6, where they are increasingly beginning to feel more and more like violence may just be their only option. It's terrifying. It will get worse before it gets better.

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