#Sehari​ Movie Trailer | Harsh Kanumilli, Simran Choudhary | Gnanasagar Dwaraka | Prashanth R Vihari

Watch & Enjoy #Sehari​ Movie Trailer.
Releasing On Feb 11th, 2022

#SehariMovie​ #HarshKanumilli​ #SimranChoudhary​ #GnanasagarDwaraka​ #PrashanthRVihari​

Banner: Virgo Pictures
Cast: Harsh Kanumilli, Simran Choudhary, Abhinav Gomatam, Praneeth Reddy Kallem, Akshithaa, Sneha Velidindi, Koti, Balakrishna, Rajeswari Mullapudi
Director: Gnanasagar Dwaraka
Producer: Advaya Jishnu Reddy
Written by: Harsh Kanumilli
Music: Prashanth R Vihari
DOP: Aravind Viswanathan
Editor: Ravi Teja Girijala
PRO: Vamsi-Sekhar
Production Designer: Raj Kamal
Art Director: Sahi Suresh
Publicity Design: Kabilan
Teaser Edit by : Praneeth Hanumantu
Audio on: #AdityaMusic

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  1. Veedu hero entra… 🤔. Heroines kuda set avale…🙄. Routine movie concept…☺️. Avarage Movie

  2. Heroine ga pettalsina ammayini side character ki pettaru, normal looking person ni heroine ki pettaru , evaridi selection?? Waste selection??

  3. Movie ipude choosa… Best comedy movie in recent times. Please do watch it. Story routine. Very predictable. But screenplay chala bagundhi. Specially hero n his friends madhya lo conversation was hilarious 😂. Very natural ga undhi. For a change over action, hero elevation scenes lekundane manchi cool ga choopincharu. OTT lo manchi time pass movie. Don't miss it guys.

  4. E movie lo Subbalaxmi same tiktok premalatha lane undhi dittooo sameeee😟😟😟😟😟

  5. I respect everyone who were involved in this, seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on youtube ,Hats of to well All! Love your videos🌴🌴

  6. I think this movie definitely gonna make some impact in youth . Great performances by lead actors.

  7. ఈ సినీమా హిట్ కావాలి.సంపూర్ణేష్ బాబు ఫ్యాన్స్

  8. Ee chinima running successful vijayavantam avalani korukuntuna
    Me abimaninche hero power star fans ga cheptunna,, all the best👍💯

  9. What is the NAME of the Actress in Yellow Shirt in this Video Thumbnail 🙄???? Somebody plzz help 🙄😭

  10. اغنية يما لعزيز مامي⁦❣️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩
    Song Yama Aziz Mami ❤️❤️

  11. Superb movie , just now watched, good story,plot,acting, and family entertainer,
    Do watch good movie , you can enjoy, It will connect all type of age groups

  12. Ee movie Savari la avarage talk rakunda hit avvali all the best for entire team 🥳🥳

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