1. These terrorists Lukini Shainurovi from Perm Samsonovi Mitini from Moscow Ahmatnurovi Ahmetov from Alicante Zenkovi from Perm Morozovi from Moscow band stole digital copy of my body and my voice for  making easy movies and songs to feed their terrorists group. Never attach their heads to my body. I never gave them any right to use digital copy of my body and my voice for making their movies or music. They are terromrasi and must be in jaiL. I want them to get exradition:;::

  2. I am sure Michael J Fox is wondering why this is not called Werewolf Twilight instead of exploiting the name of a far better movie. Go Paramount, exploit those IP's and milk those cash cows to death. No need to have any writers either.

  3. Stiles should’ve at least been with just his face no lines and I would’ve been satisfied or even just a short little scene where he hugs Allison and tells her he’s sorry

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