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Vengeance has arrived at #DCFanDome. Watch the new trailer for The Batman now! Only in theaters March 4. #TheBatman

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The Batman – Official Trailer | DC


  1. Me who only has seen aqua man and just didn't understand it at all but likes batman and so just watches this cause it came by

  2. Paul Dano may have just been the actor. It would be a twist if his face is Bruce Wayne because his character looks like a mix between Riddler and Hush. It's not impossible that Matt Reeves made something new here.

  3. Another trash hyped DC film on the making. It's gonna do as bad as wonderwoman or just like any other flops recent movies DC has had over recent years lol.

  4. probably the only film Ive seen so far from DC that can compete with Marvel's dominance. But the thing is I've just seen Raimi's upcoming Dr Strange 2. It's trailer is already 2x the views of this and it's only been out for a few days.

  5. Pattison did such a great job making sure the fight scenes looked personal. Whenever he hits someone you can tell his legit trying to kill them …. his face expressions are terrifying 🔥

  6. Batman is only superhero who can have separate movie universe, where more excited about it.

    I don't consider sony spiderman movies, because it is different studio from Disney studio which own other marvel characters.

    Whereas all dc Comics characters are owned by WB, but still only Batman can have separate own movie series. It really takes about the impact of Batman had superhero movies. Because Batman movies always defined how superhero are made for each generation. Batman 89 and Batman returns made that superhero movies can be more mature and dark, hence why first blade movie was made, because Tim Burton movies slowed that superhero movies can be dark and mature.

    Joel Schumacher Batman movies, showed how not to make superhero movies. This movies were made because previous movie Batman returns was way darker than previous one. This movie was made children, but these movies failed with audience and critics, because these showed that superhero movies are not only for kids, it is also for grown adult. Nolan's movies showed how superhero can exist in real world and solve it's problem.

  7. This being DC and Jack Snyder's being DC. Who is this batman and who's the other bat man? I thought it was all the same and only marvel and DC were different from one another. This batman looks rediclous.

  8. I love the batmobile, the new take on batman and Bruce, the serious take on riddler and penguin. I hope riddler dies for the pain he put me through in Arkham knight. Like the new cat woman (?) as well

  9. Nothing about this Batman is convincing. His voice and face are soft. Nothing about him instills fear. He should have kept his shirt on. Looks like a 175 pound Batman. Could the guy not bulk up?

  10. This trailer has the feel of a road rage incident. Are young men really brimming with that much anger nowadays? Is there that much bullying going on that they think they need to be avenged?

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