1. This Batman won’t be as good as the Nolan one, here’s why:
    1. His batsuit. The ears are too skinny and small, barely noticeable. Metal plating doesn’t work when you’re supposed to be a martial artist.
    2. Riddler won’t be interesting as the joker. Riddlers little game of making Batman play detective just for the sake of it is boring. Joker wanting to burn everything is a better more interesting dynamic.
    3. Bruce is too edgy and dark in this one. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a playboy living a lavish lifestyle with no cares in the world. Polar opposite of Batman, to hide his identity. You think it’s more logical this way, buts it’s a comic book character, it’s not supposed to be logical. Bruce is polar opposite of Batman, making him dark and edgy won’t work.
    4. Batman doesn’t kill people but in this trailer he definitely gave that thug brain damage which is practically killing him. And what’s this nonsense of talking to someone who’s brains you just smashed in? Lol. Anyway Bruce has to use his intelligence to build gadgets (Wayne technology, his source of income) and incapacitate his enemies, not kill them.

  2. Robert P. as Batman…really?!…with all respect for him and the production…The MAN behind the mask should express/represent enough masculinity. It leave me a spoiled reach teenager image…this guy is not half there even with a fake beard…he is suited for Teen Titans version of DC…
    Sorry for his fans but this is what I see. It will fail as a movie because the new ideea is far from original comics caracter.

  3. Riddler kills the Joker or Scarecrow who were all about lies and deception… ?0?1 is obviously a nod to the Riddler. replacing the digit '2' with a question mark, and like me hates lies. I hate lies, quit my last job because of them. So its personal. It would definitely shock the DCverse… but there are more interesting villains to the Batman than the Joker. Look how Marvel was forced to cancel out Iron Man. Progress… it must move.

  4. I am looking forward to this film. I think it will be better than every batman film before the dark knight trilogy and I think it will also be better than the batman v superman and justice league movies. However, it will be interesting to see how this compares to the dark knight trilogy. I highly doubt it will top the dark knight but we shall see.

  5. Yo I know batman isn't light on the villans but he really punched that one guy like 15 times while 10 of he's friends watched huh? That's brutal even for bats. Maybe they are trying for a younger angrier bats

  6. I love how violently he beat that guy. Now that’s the kinda Batman I wanna see. Robert Pattinson was the last person I thought would get this role, but I’m fuckin digging it

  7. Back when heath ledger was announced to be joker
    The 🌎 : 😡😫😠🤬😤
    Trailer drops
    The 🌎: 🤐😱😵😶😐

    Pattinson gets announced as new Bats
    The 🌎 : 😡😫😠🤬😤
    Trailer drops
    The 🌎: 🤐😱😵😶😐

    Its time to realize what DC is really capable of when they got the right hands in the pot….

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