THE BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 (New Trailers) #8

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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2021 (New Trailers)
00:03 Reminiscence
02:42 Old
05:18 Eternals
07:21 Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions
09:36 Space Jam 2: A New Legacy
10:18 Paw Patrol
12:19 Werewolves Within
14:45 Last Night in Soho
16:51 The Tomorrow War
19:23 The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
20:20 Jungle Cruise
22:09 The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It
23:56 Infinite
26:23 Gully
28:01 False Positive

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  1. Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas. We should also start getting a little bit more creative with trailer sound design. It's becoming waaaay to repetitive.

  2. The logic for "The Tomorrow War" is kind of weird, if you are losing a war in the future and then drafting people from the past, then isn't it pretty much killing yourself even faster? If the people from the past died, then there'll be no future isn't it? Looks kinda interesting though

  3. Movies now:
    BOOM BOOM insert sarcastic joke Some suspense that isn't really suspensuful YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE

    Honestly, what happen to character development, conversations that didn't shove the plot down your throat and just some body acting. Ah, welp, back to foreign media I go. Seems this year has nothing for me

  4. don't say mexican…just stand up? wtf is wrong with people nowadays..why bring mental ilness called political correctness into movies?

  5. escape room 2 the puzzle 'rooms' are so extravagant and perfect whoever created them must be billionaires – and how could they know that these exact particular people would be caught within them – and then also why would they want to spend their money on this outside chance to have all this happen? It seems all just way too contrived to me.

  6. Damn, The Prestige 2 looks wild fam… Magic sure has come along way since the early 2000's… C M Nolan your movies get deeper and deeper bawse man and I'm here for it…

  7. I can't believe The Conjuring Movies are using their own memes as advertisement! Can't wait to see CorderyFX get his teeth on that! "The Darkest Chapter in the Conjuring Universe", now an official motion picture!

  8. The Eternals movie seems like another one that has no idea what the comic characters are about. Come on! The Eternals are just a safety mechanism to keep the Deviants in check long enough for the Celestials to come from time to time and feast on them like caviar. No Celestials, no Eternals.

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  10. Whoa! That first trailer must be a sign or something. See, since I lost my mother and husband, I have these all too frequent moments where I just long for (understatement) the past – to be there again. Damn, I better snap out of it

  11. I just watched hitmans bodyguard’s wife, and probably the best movie I’ve seen this month, and that honestly says a lot since that’s all I do (watch movies😅)

  12. The tomorrow war is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while, hands down, saw it within the first hour it came out😅

  13. My bf: ordering chick fil a “you want something?”
    Me: “no, I’m not hungry”
    My bf: eating his spicy chicken sandwich
    Me: “lemme get some😙”
    My bf: 4:26

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