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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2022 (Trailers)
00:03 The Woman King
02:19 Amsterdam
04:50 Thor: Love and Thunder
05:56 Ticket To Paradise
08:25 See How They Run
10:19 Luck
12:47 Honk for Jesus. Save your Soul.
14:54 The Invitiation
17:13 The Magic Flute
18:35 Honor Society
20:46 Bullet Train
21:44 Hocus Pocus 2
23:01 Thirteen Lives
25:22 The Reef: Stalked
26:24 Clerks III
28:13 Emergency Declaration
29:44 Smile
31:55 Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
33:41 Not Okay
34:38 The Emigrants
35:52 Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

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  1. I strongly dislike this sjw crap. I wish they would stop. They won't convince us to like it for crying out loud stop losing money cause we won't watch it.

  2. What a bunch of garbage upcoming movies and they say these are the BEST? Hollywood and the woke have infiltrated all of these films. Just saying

  3. First video is the fakest crap ever, that is not real history, they are trying to erase real history and push this fake crap. I am so sick of this B people virtue signalling.

  4. So, let me see…90% feminist crap/girl power/BLM, 8% non-English/non-American, MAybe 2 good movies?
    Even the potentially good Black/African History movie is basically a feminist/girl power crap with over-powered black chicks….And all over trailers the misandry is just so sharp and extreme!

  5. Since the Trailer of 'The Invitation' spoils the whole movie, why should anyone still watch it? Dont get why trailers like that get still made..

  6. Interesting, varied selection. Only a couple of sequels (praise be!!), and very little of the usual formulaic claptrap churned out by Hollywood in recent years. I don’t know how many of these will be good but there seem to be a lot of fresh-ish ideas so kinda encouraging.

  7. Lol @ "the women king" "we fight so that they dont enslave our people!" The entire history of Dahomey was based around enslaving Africans. When the brits stopped the slave trade Dahomey and the Amazons were stopped…

  8. Oh I want to see that movie Luck, only because they have a black kitty being a good luck bringer!^^ Finally, this movie is good news to every black kitty out there! <3

  9. All hype and no substance. That’s one big cliche’. There’s nothing for families or kids that isn’t some stupid anime cartoon or mean girls rip off. The same plots just regurgitated over and over, only now along with all the crap they’ve added the LGBQ+ agenda. George Clooney is such a pudd.

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