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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2022 (Trailers)
00:03 Elvis
01:59 Thor: Love and Thunder
03:16 Barbarian
05:34 Vesper
06:45 White Bird
09:03 Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish
11:50 Bros
14:33 Bullet Train
16:53 Not Okay
17:50 Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
19:42 Smile
21:53 Zombies 3
23:20 My Policeman
24:04 Nope
26:58 Prey
29:08 Prizefighter
30:40 1Up
32:52 LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation
34:32 Black Adam
36:38 Crawlspace
37:56 The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse

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  1. Boycot everything Disney until they stop wanting to teach our children about sex in kindergarten.

  2. Why the hell did Wonder that wholesome movie went from owen wilson being a good dad with his wife, an disfigured son whos a chad, and a daughter to damn nazi german signs on the sequel named white bird.

  3. Americans and their censoring…. Meanwhile, kids are shooting up their schools they can easily obtain.

  4. Why do these idiots put a screen shot that isn't even one of the trailers? Oh yeah it's called click bait.

  5. Mickey Mouse giving a h@ndj@b to Daffy Duck is just wrong…just wrong. WTH is wrong with Disney?

  6. the best era of movies is around 1970s to 2010
    and then it all just fall straight into drain
    i think the last great movies were LOTR and Avatar thats it, cant recall anything else worth watching

  7. where the fuck is the creature from the thumbnail?? fucking scummy cunts lying about their content need banning from the platform

  8. this is crap, what is up with the homosexual moved you have ruined all movies and children's veganity. the are no longer to see God's truth because of you stupidity

  9. fokkin 1UP. Can't even sit through the entire clip. I feel physically sick knowing how inaccurate they're trying to portray gamers.

  10. the number of movies with forced inclusion, lgtwb promotion, feminist weighting is disgusting..
    dizney sucks. the amount of spectators will be the final result.

  11. I swear that movie Bros needs to be burned down.
    I mean its a comedy but come on…
    Society needs to get back to reality and man the fuck up.

  12. Once again, not one video that features the the actual creature that caused us to click on this BS

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