The Flash Movie Trailer Michael Keaton Batman Scene and Evil Flash Easter Eggs

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Covering The Flash Movie Trailer and New Footage. Evil Dark Flash Explained. Michael Keaton Batman Scene Explained. Ezra Miller Flash New Suit, Ben Affleck Batman, DC Multiverse Scene, The Flash Grant Gustin Crossover Scene, Crisis On Infinite Earths and Batman Beyond Movie.

Ben Affleck’s Batman. New The Flash Movie Scenes with Batman. And Michael Keaton’s Batman, who is also coming back as his original Batman Movies Batman 1989 and Batman Returns. What Ben Affleck’s Batman is doing during The Flash Movie and during the new First Look Scenes Explained. And the Timeline of the Justice League Snyder Cut Ending, Post Credit Scene and where The Flash Movie starts.

Older Batman Explained, The Flash Movie Flashpoint Story changes. And Ben Affleck Batman Crossover Explained. New Batman Suit Easter Eggs and The Flash Batman Button Story Breakdown based on Watchmen Doomsday Clock with Superman vs Doctor Manhattan.

The Flash Movie will explain the different Batman versions and how DC Movies will handle them going forward. Also explaining how Justice League Snyder Cut Ending and Post Credit Scene is connected to The Flash Movie, with what is canon and what isn’t canon anymore. Also discussing future Michael Keaton Batman Movies like Live action Batman Beyond Movie.

Aquaman 2 Trailer, Shazam 2 Trailer and The Rock Black Adam Trailer. New Thor Love and Thunder Trailer soon, Spider Man No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Multiverse of Madness. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer and a bigger Eternals Trailer!

My Full The Flash Movie Trailer video will post tomorrow and more of The Batman Movie Footage! Eternals videos soon! My Full Marvel Hawkeye Episode videos will start posting soon too!

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  1. I hope long haired flash will be the bad guy but he actually is red death but doesn’t have his suit yet so once he gets defeated by Ezra he takes some of Michaels Batman suit and as a end credit scene you see the red death logo going into his suit

  2. Mmmmm I'm a bit reserved about this movie. Avengers Endgame left me with a stale taste in my mouth about time traveling and the multiverse. It just seems like we're getting a lot of superhero films with the multi-verse 'easy button' to get attention and a lot of woke and horrible movies as well. I'm a big fan of Batman 89 and Batman Returns and they better do justice with his character. Let's wait and see.

  3. If Flashpoint is where Barry Allen (The Flash) changed history in his universe, it makes sense that he would not be the only version of himself to be thinking the same thing, and the DCEU and others will focus on whatever makes sense

  4. This is EXACTLY WHY I have never and will never be a Flash fan: CONVOLUTED CONVOLUTION. Just not interested in all timelines, all versions, all universes. NOBODY BUT Doctor STRANGE CAN HANDLE MORD THAN ONE OR TWO VERSIONS OF THINGS.

    good video though…what I kept up with, anyway…

  5. I think I am really getting it now. All this going back in time and different Superheroes. Is really just going back and seeing what that superhero at that time in history was like. Meaning going back in time to see the first ever Batman or Superman it can go on and on. So the Superheroes that these today Superheroes go to visit in the past. Are the same Heroes as today. But just in a different time in history and of course different people. In that time in history. Am I at all right in my thinking here. I mean I am sure there is way more to it then just what I said. But I am a very slow learner and all these different universes and different time periods really go over my head. If that makes me stupid well I am I guess I am. But then again I do have learning disabilities. I was just trying to make since of it all and trying to put it in a away I could understand it.

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