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From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight – In Theaters July 30. #TheGreenKnight

RELEASE DATE: In Theaters July 30
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton

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Coming Soon: Zola, The Green Knight

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  1. Watched this movie recently. The cinematics and fx are great but it lacks action. Those who are used to watching movies with lots of action and fight genres will find this movie boring.

  2. Now, this is a knight errand story to make Dom Quixote de La Mancha proud!!

    Better than Amadis de Gaula!

  3. Alicia Vikander is in this with two big roles yet is never shown in the trailer (ok once at 1:37 and also at 1:53 but you can't see it's her). Was a pleasant surprise to see her in these when I saw the movie. Be sure to know a bit about the story of the green knight before watching the movie otherwise you won't really know what's going on in this movie. It's not for everyone, it's slow but it's visually very impressive. It also has a good film score behind it (no it's totally not like the trailer music which is bombastic while the score is very minimalist). Also I noticed this trailer shows the very first scene and the very last scene of the movie almost back to back.

  4. See, THIS is how you make a trailer. It's interesting as hell, but I still know literally nothing about the movie…

  5. would have worked better as a series of Youtube short films, I love artcentric film but this just had so much filler that is no where near the length of a movie…

  6. Fell asleep 10 minutes while watching this movie. Tried the next day, Fell asleep 22 minutes while watching this movie. Tried the following day, Fell asleep 35 minutes while watching this movie. I am giving up at this point.

  7. DO NOT WATCT THIS MOVIE. Omg. What a waste of time. I was expecting so much until I finally watched it and what a pointless movie. 👎👎👎👎

  8. This Movie had so much potential. The trailer and music was magnificent. I thought this movie would turn out to be a sleeper but instead it put me to sleep

  9. Worst movie of the decade. A bunch of mediocre whimsical nonsense thrown at the viewer with Shakespeare talk, seriously hot wet garbage. I want 5 minutes alone with whoever produced this steaming turd.

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