The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

From Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney comes a documentary about the rise and fall of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar healthcare company founded by Elizabeth Holmes. Premieres March 18 on HBO.


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  1. In 1973 I was offered position of head of research at Damon Corp. which was proposing to develop a unit to do a full panel of blood tests from 3 drops of blood. I refused the position because I knew that blood could not be treated that way. Damon squandered $980MM over the years on this fools errand. Towards the end even Romney and Bain Capital got in on the gravy train. I missed all that money but I kept my ethics. Theranos prompted my recall.

  2. Kids, this is how you have to be to be successful in life, or engineer and release an epic virus or identity theft. The world is predominantly operated by criminals such as these and they want you to be opposed so you can be a flunky working cog for someone who is basically skirting the law. And let's not forget engineering financial crises like the MBS 2008 business.

  3. It is a shame, because people are jealous of Elizabeth Holmes's fame. And so, people are try to punish Elizabeth Holmes. She did nothing wrong. What need to punish are those 800 employees. Steve Jobs know nothing about computer technology. But his employees make it work. If those 800 employees make Edison Device work. The story will be different. The story not quite ended yet. Because I can make Edison Device work. Try me.

  4. Elizabeth Holmes needs to take action. from what I see, the only way can save her is make Edison Device work and fast. Otherwise she may go to jail. I can help. All she needs to do is give me two Edison Devices. I can make it works.

  5. 1:55 she blinks a lot when the reporter asks for her to tell them a secret. She RARELY blinks. This is a sign she is lying when she said she doesn't have many secrets.

  6. The vocal affectations are just the icing on a bizarre cake. She comes across as genuinely soulless, much like Mark Zuckerberg.

  7. Gates was missing several parts of the latticework of windows. And he started to selling it like that . Luckily he was able to put the puzzle together before everything fell on him. Something Elizabeth Holmes couldn't do. In the last two year a pulse watch can messure blood pressure, small device can mesure lactid acid and severals, colestherol levels… It is not all this interconected?. what clearly Elizabeth couldnt do was an efficient work of technological espionage (she did not have a team, CEOs capables, or she did not want to invest in what the situation merited) and she could not put the puzzle together on time

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