1. Is this a Netflix release? It has that "Stale" vibe to it and Brosnan hasn't done anything worth watching these past few years

  2. cheap movie, all character just coming out of the hairdresser with perfect white teeth and full nylon pret-a-porter clothes. A great joke.

  3. All white people. The best movie ever. Show this to your kids instead of the brainwashing major studio garbage.

  4. It looks like a movie made for teenagers, with rock music for historical background and all. And I read from the comments that it was made almost a decade ago. But who cares? I can do with some refreshment from the past, before the pandemic, before F&F series become a joke, before Star Wars become a marketing prop. In fact, it will be wonder if someone discovers a warehouse stocked up with unreleased film and tv shows made in the 80s – 90s, they will worth more than gold now.

  5. Yeh! One more white villain holding all strong women back. A scottish Macbeth can be black, but not a fantasy villian. C'mon!

  6. You could make a movie like this in the 80's/90's but what clueless wad thought it would be anything but dead on arrival in 2022?

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