1. American accent seriously?, Matt doesn't fit this role. Lol. Or he should've worked on his British accent. Brad Pitt, Orlando bloom would be so much better

  2. This movie looks good, but I have to say that Ben Affleck, as a blond, looks like one of the Snap, Pop and Crackle characters on the Rice Crispy cereal box.

  3. Ben Affleck hanged the bat wings and made a time trip to the dark ages… that’s gonna be interesting 😎

  4. This movie is inaccurate, the costume should be in the 1500 . The accent almost spot on though, for Shakespeare's era english.

  5. Might aswell show the ending, history has spoiled the ending if anyone were to do a quick read. still looks good tho

  6. Matt Damon wins by misericordia (type of dagger) to the windpipe . Matt got lots of gifts from the king whilst Kylo Wrens body was stripped of armour etc then dragged through the muddy sewage filled streets then strung up with rapists and robbers or as in Life of Brian "wapists and wobbers" then cut down thrown into a mass open grave with Jimmy Saville , Jeffery Epstein,Harvey Weinstein and the likes .

  7. Let's spare a thought for the poor horses in the real duel , one had its spine severed by Jacques Le Gris axe and the other had its intestines spilled all over the arena .

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