The Man From Toronto | Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson | Official Trailer | Netflix

A case of mistaken identity arises after a screw-up sales consultant and the world’s deadliest assassin—known only as The Man from Toronto— run into each other at a holiday rental. Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson star in this action packed comedy only on Netflix 6/24.


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The Man From Toronto | Official Trailer | Netflix

A case of mistaken identity forces a bumbling entrepreneur to team up with a notorious assassin known as The Man from Toronto in hopes of staying alive.


  1. Starts off as a bit of a giggle, but for the last half hour you are praying for it to end, you want to switch off, but having invested so much time you watch it to the end. It finishes every bit as badly as you expected, tries much too hard and the characters become just plain annoying. Crap basically, save yourselves the grief.

  2. Funny movie! Just finished watching it. I'll give it 8/10. Only thing is this movie was filmed in the Toronto and not in Virginia, Washington DC, Miami or Puerto Rico. Hope they make a second one in the future.

  3. After long time see 👀 really entertaining movie in hindi version the man from Toronto I don't know english
    But this movie for me blockbuster after 3to4 years in bollywood Hollywood chinese movie in hindi dubbed

  4. I truly love woody as an actor. But Kevin Hart why does he need to play in every movie the same character? “The small screamy, whiny, scared lil B that talks way too much”

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