THE OUTFIT – Official Trailer – Only in Theaters March 18

From the Academy Award-winning writer of The Imitation Game (Graham Moore) comes The Outfit, a gripping and masterful thriller in which an expert tailor (Academy Award winner Mark Rylance) must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters in order to survive a fateful night.

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  1. Most of you are here for Dylan, but Mark Rylance is the one to watch in this film. He gives a master class in subtle, nuanced acting. Too bad it came out so early in the year, because they'll probably forget this film come Oscar time. Which is a damn shame.

  2. I saw it yesterday and really enjoyed it. Lots of twists and turns in the story. and all of the actors — especially Mark Rylance — who plays the lead role as the suit maker — is excellent. I'd highly recommend it.

  3. LOL I see all of the positive comments and that is nice , I agree Dylan is great and needs to be in more . I just question myself how on earth I. This day and age does a movie like this get green lit . Nobody is going to pay and see this movie , with the exception of 3% of women nobody else from age 18-50 has an interest in this style of movie and time period . Even the trailer which is strictly made to showcase the best aorta of the movie and get you amped to see it sucks. This movie will lose money for certain and I do not understand how they do not know this

  4. This so reminds me of the game called “empire of sin”. Which I see Stephanie St. Clair in. And I sure would love to see Alfonse Capone aka The Outfit

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