1. I love this movie, a couple of people told me it was far fetched, I don’t think they were right, the movie was fantastic and the shark is fricking adorable

  2. Nice to see the man who played Meryl on the walking dead come back to life in this movie as a anti hero

  3. Harley Quinn made it to the top of my all time fav women with Alice from "Luther" and Jessica Jones' mom…

  4. The comments are all so positive… I thought the movie sucked. Am I really the only one?
    To be fair, the plot twist in the beginning was smart but after that the plot was weak and the jokes unfunny 🙁

  5. I don't care what anyone says Margot Robbie plays the BEST Harley Quinn!!!! I fucking LOVE her!!!!!

  6. Bro this movie didn't work for me AT ALL. I don't get why this got a 7.5 in IMDB. Like they tried so hard to be funny, like Deadpool, but it wasn't. Sure, the action was cool and all, but no dialogue, no character development, no "serious" scenes. Too much pretend humor.

  7. Shark man is the only best hero in the Squad. He fucking obliterate the whole enemy. He bullet proof. He is strong. And he have experience in the cold war and the Vietnam war and he defeat the best Soviet boxer. Nothing else you could complain. Shark man the strongest DC hero. L O L.

  8. Great movie!! I didn´t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. I loved Harley and the squad. Also, the argentinian references were pretty cool since I'm Argentinian myself and I didn´t expect them at all.

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