1. As someone who cooks most of my own meals….watching venom cook…no just noooo someone teach him how to cook!

  2. Ok…i just came here, after watching the 1st one and I certainly went in expecting more!! Hope this one works😅😅😅

  3. The ONLY superhero movie I am hyped about. I can't believe I bought the professional critics BS that the first Venom movie wasn't worth watching.

  4. 0:33 proud venom
    0:31 tadda
    0:45 that hi
    Venom ur awsm .
    Best voice best personality best bonding. I am so excited for venom 2. I am so so so happy to see them again .

  5. Will movie producers stop using classic songs and give it exact same treatment!! Ok how about this monkees song "day dream beliver" but wait.. we slow it way down and have a female sing it and add tribal drums!!!! Genius you did it again. Cripes I thought aft one by three dog night we just couldn't do it again for the thousandth time, but you made it completely new and differnt.

  6. Well we know Tom Holland will do “anything he can” to involve Tom Holland and or Spider-Man in venom 3. If that works out then we can expect a credit scene involving something related to spidey. Well see! But this movie looks great!

  7. Yes let's backtalk the ten foot tall monster that ate someone whole in my shop. Great idea ms chen. I love the venom movies. These things are dark but funny and the world needs it.

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