1. LAIM with capital L. Cinema has never changed. Whenever they make movies about the past, they;
    1. always play the most popular songs of that time. Real 70s movies usually do not contain popular hit songs of that year.
    2. always wear a mix today's fashion clothing with the past's fashion clothing. It's never 100% 70s clothing (example),
    3. always speak with today's way of speaking and in today's accent. The American accent of the past use to sound different. I thought by today 2022 those 3 mistakes would've improved, but no!

    The thrill and the horror and the suspense was great.👍

  2. Meh, it was pretty pointless. For pure depravity, I've seen way better. I get it: old people are gross. I'm disappointed in Ti on this one, and I've been a fan.

  3. One thing audience’s seem to misunderstand, is s Ti West has a long career of being an effective horror director. People will sleep on X or follow through. One thing you need to understand is, Ti waited his whole career to deliver something to impress us all. I think he did that and then some. It’s the first time Ti used sex to drive his narrative. But he does it to a nuanced effect. I mean, the story unleashes itself on you without warning. Beautifully done with the shot of Mia in the river with the gator. Alluding to the damage yet to be done. I mean, Ti West is my favorite horror director. He’ll be yours too. Give him the credit he deserves

  4. Ότι χειρότερο έχω δει! Απαίσια, άθλια! Όσοι λέτε ότι σας αρέσει ξεκάθαρα τρολάρετε! Χάσιμο χρόνου. Αν είχα πληρώσει λεφτά για να δω αυτή τη ταινία ξεκάθαρα θα ζητούσα τα χρήματα μου πίσω!!!

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