1. Instant Family RIP OFF!!! That is one of the reasons why the movie industry is trash today!! No originality I saw the 3 latino kids, the mom, dad, and immediately thought of Instant Family. The sad thing about it is, Instant Family was a great film with a message whereas this movie just seems like it was made to copy Instant Family WITH NO MESSAGE. And sorry, Jenna Ortega IS NOT Isabela Merced.

  2. love ur content 💕 but unrelated Pls refrain from buying anything from McDonald's and many other company's, business, brands. Like Nestle and Starbucks included. They not only support but donate to Israel. I'm sure you would rather not get some chicken nuggets than costing someone's life. Also, in case anyone watches a channel called "south china morning post " or any Chinese governmental channel or social media pls don't interact. The Chinese government puts innocent ppl and children in concentration camps. Where they get tortured,r*ped, abused physically and mentally. These camps are a replica or worse than the world war two Jewish camps.

  3. It’s a amazing super amazing movie that I love a lot it let me smile it brings happiness to me I really love the movie and hats off for who choose the characters it suits them all I love it and btw I just love love Jenna Ortega in this movie she was so so cute and beautiful beautiful and Jennifer Garner she played the role superb she’s so beautiful also

  4. So you're telling that the guy who's playing the dad is the same guy who played a Venezuelan terrorist who murdered and kidnapped his way across Europe throughout the 70s and 80s in a movie that's also five-and-a-half-hours.

  5. Never ever watch such badmovie..the scenario is full of clichets and not even close to reality…it takeuforretard…i stopped watching this movie since first 30min…not convincing actors nor good scenario..netlix should give it to cartoon network

  6. Am I the only one who came here to say that Layla is a bad friend and if Katie’s mom wants to be in control she has to control her daughter’s friends and Layla acts 10 years older and also I want to ask who is 14 and puts that amount of makeup that Katie has like she has a Smokey eye and the earrings she wore in the concert I can’t

  7. My mom did yes day for me and it went like this I woke up I slept i played video games and then i went to texas rhode house on my birthday then i slept

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