"Zombies" Official Clip | Marvel Studios' What If…? | Disney+

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  1. Bro this episode needs a part two… I will find the email for Marvel studios and state why there should be a part two to episode 5

  2. I really hate zombies and anything related to them, but this episode was pretty good. The only thing that bothered me is the stupid choices some characters made, like Vision and maybe Bucky.

  3. I like how Banner just looks all calm when he sees this going down

    Like hus reaction is just "That just seems like overkill"

  4. From what I’ve seen I think there is three cures for it. One is the mind stone as revealed, the other is the hulk’s radiation because he can’t get infected even when bitten as seen in the end scenes with Wanda so if he could leak his radiation across the world it could fight it off like chemotherapy, plus it would give him a good reason to go World Breaker Hulk and finally, Bucky because he was brainwashed so it changes the way the mind works so if they found a way to brainwash people and zombies, they should be able to get rid of the virus.

  5. finally a version of Marvel Zombies story onscreen, now all we need is an R-rated live action version with a huge cast from different marvel franchises.

  6. I wonder if the zombies in I'm gonna have to seem original in the comic since whoever read Marvel zombies knows that the virus is stuck in a time loop because it infected 2 universes that are in a time loop

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